If you build as 32-bit, your payload(s) must be 32-bit. If you build as 64-bit, your payload(s) must be 64-bit.

GUI applications can only be injected into GUI applications, and console applications into console applications.

Auto-Inject methods are recommended, as they will automatically detect if the machine is 32-bit or 64-bit, as well as the executable architecture to make sure the path is right for the injection.

When you build, both 32-bit and 64-bit builds are included in the zip file.

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Injection Point:

Message Box Settings

To set which buttons and icons you want for the message box, you must enter in the hex value of each option you want, seperated by a single bitwise or | operator. The default value below is the red error icon with the buttons "abort, retry, ignore".

You can CLICK HERE to goto Microsofts website in which they provide the Hex value for each option.

I'll add buttons here for the options instead of needing to enter the hex codes soon enough :)

Enable Message Box:

Message Title:

Message Text:

Message Buttons / Icon:


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